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Description of Rage Comics Photo Editor

☺Rage Comics Photo Editor☺ is the perfect app for messing with your friends and having the best time while doing it! Everyone finds putting funny stickers on photos hilarious, but this photo editing app takes it to the whole new level! Rage comics, funny faces and all other sorts of meme faces are pretty much the funniest pics you have ever seen! With this superb application you will get around 300 faces which you can stick to your photos and do whatever your imagination allows you do to with each particular face. Promise, you'll laugh so hard that you might tear a bit! Download ☺Rage Comics Photo Editor☺entirely free of charge and enjoy trolling your friends' faces!


Playing with pictures, that is photo editing, is particularly fun if you are doing it with a friend's face, creating a trollface. Upload a picture from your phone gallery or take a new picture right before you start messing with it and go wild! Choose a face in the crowd, think about what kind of “funny face” you want to stick over it, open the comic face gallery, where you can find 299 rage faces and make the switch. If the picture, you have chosen to decorate, is clear enough and has a resolution high enough, the face recognition option in the application is activated. This means that the app will automatically choose a funny face from the gallery and stick it over all the faces it has managed to recognize. Otherwise you will have to do it manually, by yourself, since the face recognition feature in the app won't work. The meme faces that the application picks are chosen randomly.

If you don't like how the app has distributed “rage comics” on your photo, you can always replace them with a different comic face. Just tap on the sticker you want to move and you can:

change the position of the sticker

scale it, zoom in, zoom out

erase the sticker - just tap on it and then on the trash can and it's done

choose the mirror effect

bring a particular sticker in front of all others

If stickers are not enough for you, play with text – you can write anything that comes to mind! Make a funny slogan to put on your photo, make additional fun out of your already messed up friends on the photo. Make it look hilarious! Move it around, scale it, zoom in, zoom out, choose whether you want it to be black or white. Put your imagination to the test, roll up your sleeves and be creative! You'll have crazy fun! Rage stickers come in various shapes.

Share your photo with the rest of the world. There is an option in the application for sharing pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you choose so, you can share your pictures on all three of them. This free app is particularly great for birthday parties! Stick the funniest angry face to the birthday boy or girl and they'll laugh as hard as they can. Your friends will be thrilled with your new app. Guaranteed, it will become the new favorite toy of your group! This can also be a social application. You can decorate pictures together with your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend. What ever way you choose to do it, you will definitely have unimaginable fun!

Pictures in your gallery will gain a new and refreshing look with this amazingly fun app.☺Rage Comics Photo Editor☺is the app you will love, and the best thing is, it's totally free! What are you waiting for? Download it now and start the fun!

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